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Seldom has a financial event been so eagerly awaited by the investing world... What was the largest technology IPO in history at the time was the culmination of years of anticipation by stock market participants. Get the scoop on the Twitter and Facebook IPOs as well.

IPO Headlines

Google Follow-On
Offering at $295 per share
raises $4.18 billion

Google shares rise 18%
during market debut

Google IPO price set at $85

Google closes IPO auction

SEC gives approval for
Google stock to start trading
as early as Thursday

Google reduces IPO price
range and number of shares
sold by company executives

Initial Public Offering Details

IPO Date: August 19, 2004
First Trade: 11:56 am ET at $100.01
Price: $85.00
Method: Modified Dutch Auction
Lead Underwriters: Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse First Boston
Stock Symbol: GOOG
Exchange: NASDAQ
No. of Shares Offered: 19,605,052
Value of Offering: $1.67 billion
Initial Market Cap: $23.1 billion
Total Initial Shares Outstanding: 271.2 million
(33.6 mil. class A, 237.6 mil. class B)

Allocation Percentage: 74.2% of bidded shares
Initial SEC Filings: Form S-1 Prelim. Prospectus (amend. 8/18)
Form 10-Q Quarterly Report (amend. 8/18)

Recent IPO stories summarized below


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Google Offering Raises $4.18 Billion 14,159,265 more Google shares were priced at $295 (almost 3% less than the current price of the stock). There is also an option for underwriters to buy more shares. -- Red Herring
8/18/05 Google Plans to Raise $4B in Stock Sale Google planned to sell 14,200,000 more shares which would raised approximately $4 billion. -- Washington Post
8/18/05 Google IPO auction made splash Google let individual investors in on its IPO with its dutch auction approach. But few other companies have gone this route since that time. -- Marketwatch
10/6/04 Naysayers come up short on Google IPO There were plenty of pundits who believed the Google IPO would not be a wise investment for individual investors. They were proven wrong. -- International Herald Tribune
9/15/04 Leaders of WR Hambrecht can finally talk about IPO The dutch auction IPO Google used accomplished the mission Sergey Brin and Larry Page had for the company's initial public offering, according to WR Hambrecht & Co. (their investment bankers). -- San Francisco Chronicle
9/11/04 Fidelity a large buyer in Google auction Fidelity Investments (the largest mutual fund manager in the world at the time) was one of the biggest buyers in Google's dutch auction IPO. At one time they owned over 5.2 million shares of class A GOOG shares. --
9/3/04 Behind the Google IPO: A tale of hubris and greed Google wanted to furnish as little info about itself as possible when it was going public. This was a concern both for investors and bankers. As the IPO process neared its completion Brin and Page were so tightlipped and wanting of control that they put the offering in jeopardy. . ... -- CBS Marketwatch
8/20/04 Google Sets Possible Precedent for IPOs After the IPO industry experts were left wondering whether Google's dutch auction system was successful enough for other companies to follow in the footsteps of the internet giant. Many considered whether investors were more tolerant because of Google's stature in the industry. -- ABC News
8/20/04 Naysayers are wrong: Google IPO was a success Google insisted on a dutch auction format for their IPO. This characteristic was key to its success. The vast majority of other popular IPOs had an initial price that was too small. This made it possible for them to let their friends in on the IPO who then proceeded to sell them for sizable profits. --
8/20/04 Little guys had good shot in IPO Small-time investors wanted a chance at a hot IPO and Google afforded them that opportunity. The IPO did not go off without a hitch. However the IPO did bring much more equality into the allocation of a high-profile IPO. -- New York Post
8/19/04 Google Shares Surge in Market Debut Google shares increased almost 20% when they began trading. It was a triumph for a private company that had began as an idea from 2 Stanford Ph.D candidates 6 years prior. -- ABC News
8/18/04 Google's Insiders Strike It Rich With IPO Many investors had high hopes for the stock of the important online search engine. Many large investors did not wait long before unloading their stakes in order to lock in their profits. --
8/18/04 Google price set at $85, at low end of company's expectations GOOG shares initially priced low at $85 each. This was after a downward price revision. This lower price was a disappointment for the brightest internet star to come along in many years. -- San Francisco Chronicle
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