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Seldom has a financial event been so eagerly awaited by the investing world... The largest technology IPO in history was the culmination of years of anticipation by stock market participants. If you have any questions relating to or other stock feel free to post on our message board.

IPO Headlines

Google Follow-On
Offering at $295 per share
raises $4.18 billion

Google shares rise 18%
during market debut

Google IPO price set at $85

Google closes IPO auction

SEC gives approval for
Google stock to start trading
as early as Thursday

Google reduces IPO price
range and number of shares
sold by company executives

Initial Public Offering Details

IPO Date:August 19, 2004
First Trade:11:56 am ET at $100.01
Method:Modified Dutch Auction
Lead Underwriters:Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse First Boston
Stock Symbol:GOOG
No. of Shares Offered:19,605,052
Value of Offering:$1.67 billion
Initial Market Cap:$23.1 billion
Total Initial Shares Outstanding:271.2 million
(33.6 mil. class A, 237.6 mil. class B)
Allocation Percentage:74.2% of bidded shares
Initial SEC Filings:Form S-1 Prelim. Prospectus (amend. 8/18)
Form 10-Q Quarterly Report (amend. 8/18)

  Recent IPO Stories...

9/14/05Google Offering Raises $4.18 Billion The Mountain View, California-based search giant priced the additional 14,159,265 shares at $295, which was 2.7 percent below the stock's closing price of $303. The underwriters have an option to buy an additional 600,000 shares to cover over-allotments. ... -- Red Herring
8/18/05Google Plans to Raise $4B in Stock Sale Google Inc. plans to sell another 14.2 million shares, raising about $4 billion, but the famous search engine company isn't providing many clues as to how the money will be spent. ... -- Washington Post

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8/18/05 Google IPO auction made splash Google's unconventional Dutch auction opened up its initial public offering to small investors and captured a larger share of the purse, but a year after the high profile deal, few companies have followed suit. ... -- Marketwatch
10/6/04Naysayers come up short on Google IPO Two months ago, before Google shares started trading, there was no shortage of naysayers eager to caution the average investor against paying a high price for the stock. ... -- International Herald Tribune
9/15/04Leaders of WR Hambrecht can finally talk about IPO Google Inc.'s auction-style IPO, despite investor complaints and delays by regulators, met the goals the company's founders had for their initial public offering, according to the investment bankers at WR Hambrecht & Co. ... -- San Francisco Chronicle
9/11/04Fidelity a large buyer in Google auction One of the largest buyers in Google's unorthodox stock auction last month appears to have been Fidelity Investments, the world's largest mutual fund manager. In a filing with federal regulators Friday, the Boston company said that it holds 5.21 million of Google's Class A shares. ... --
9/3/04 Behind the Google IPO: A tale of hubris and greed ... from the outset, Google's unwillingness to provide information about itself was a problem for bankers and investors. And as the final days of the four-month-long IPO process neared, the founders' silence and their need to control the process almost derailed the offering. . ... -- CBS Marketwatch
8/20/04Google Sets Possible Precedent for IPOs ... Was the company's unique Dutch auction system successful enough for other companies to follow Google's lead? And will Wall Street allow other companies that may not have Google's star power the same opportunity? ... -- ABC News
8/20/04Naysayers are wrong: Google IPO was a success ... The most important element of the success was the auction, which Google forced down the throats of investment bankers. Under the cozy old system, the bankers would set the price of hot IPO stocks grossly low and make sure their friends and favored clients got shares at the offering price, which they could then unload for fat profits. ... --
8/20/04Little guys had good shot in IPO The little guys wanted a shot at getting in -- and for once, it looks like they got it. While the process was far from smooth, Google's founders at least introduced the idea of democracy to the process of allocating shares in an IPO. ... -- New York Post
8/19/04Google Shares Surge in Market Debut Shares of Google Inc. surged 18 percent in their market debut Thursday, the culmination of a unique and bumpy initial stock offering for the 6-year-old dot-com dreamed up in a college dorm room. ... -- ABC News
8/18/04Google's Insiders Strike It Rich With IPO Lots of people are hoping to get rich off Google Inc.'s stock now that the online search engine's IPO is finally completed. Here's a look at some of the investors that have already locked in huge profits by selling a portion of their stakes. ... --
8/18/04Google price set at $85, at low end of company's expectations Initial shares of Google Inc. were priced late Wednesday at $85, the low end of a range revised downward just hours earlier, humbling expectations for the most ballyhooed Internet company public stock offering since the dot-com boom went bust. ... -- San Francisco Chronicle
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