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Seldom has a financial event been so eagerly awaited by the investing world. When this net heavyweight goes public it will be the culmination of years of anticipation by stock market participants. We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest developments on the main page, including the possible dutch auction of their stock shares, as the IPO details unfold.

  IPO Developments - February, 2004

2/24Co-Founder Page Mum on IPO Plans ... co-founder Larry Page said ... he was "dismayed" by the amount of conjecture being reported as fact... - Reuters / USA Today
2/24The Complete Guide to Googlemania: Surviving IPO Fever Going Public Day is the great money moment of the entrepreneurial saga... - Wired
2/23Will Google bring back the bubble? ... IPO will focus a lot of attention on the [Internet] again... - The Christian Science Monitor
2/18Possible IPO Closely Watched ... Google may put some stock up for auction, allowing average investors a rare chance of getting shares... - Atlanta Journal-Constitution
2/11Forrester: IPO valuations signal "bubble 2" General speculation that the (possibly) impending IPO for search engine kingpin Google... have all the hallmarks of the internet bubble... - National Business Review
2/3Analysts still bet on IPO A report that Google executives have derailed their immediate plans for an initial public offering drew skepticism... - San Francisco Chronicle
2/2Can Google Go Dutch? Tongues are aflutter over how search darling Google might conduct its expected initial public offering... -- InternetNews.com
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