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Seldom has a financial event been so eagerly awaited by the investing world. When this net heavyweight goes public it will be the culmination of years of anticipation by stock market participants. We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest developments on the main page, including the possible dutch auction of their stock shares, as the IPO details unfold.

  IPO Developments - April, 2004

4/30Aiming to Auction Its Way To a More 'Inclusive' IPO ... plans to use an auction system infrequently used in the United States to allocate most of its initial public offering. It is an attempt, the company said, to make the IPO "inclusive of both large and small investors". ... - Washington Post
4/30Study bolsters Google outlook Companies that go public with their founders at the helm tend to generate less money at their IPO than companies whose founders appoint a professional manager to help them call the shots, recent research shows. ... - The Globe and Mail
4/30Google IPO share price seen high, maybe too high Google Inc.'s plans for a $2.7 billion initial public offering has garnered a staggering amount of publicity. The IPO may also be staggeringly expensive for investors. ... - Forbes
4/30Go public, think private ... In a frank and provocative statement, the company's leaders argued that companies cannot manage for the long term unless investors and analysts have limited say in the way they are run. ... - New York Times
4/29The ABCs of a unique IPO The hottest tech IPO in years will be run as a "Dutch Auction." ... - CNN
4/29Google's stock options trigger hefty tax provisions Google Inc. ... follows a conservative approach in its accounting, but has not been able to avoid a hefty tax bill due to aggressive grants of employee stock options. ... - CNN
4/29Unusual Google IPO Language Might Prompt Closer Look By SEC Google Inc. was notably expansive in explaining its rationale for going public, its business plans and its business philosophy. But that could attract intense Securities and Exchange Commission scrutiny. ... - Dow Jones
4/29Other criteria will determine IPO price Google is taking steps to prevent the innovative auction process for deciding the IPO price from running out of control. ... - Financial Times
4/29Google founders will retain control ... Dual-class voting structure will make it more difficult for company to be acquired. ... - CNN
4/29Google keeps board a Silicon Valley family affair Google Inc., gearing up for its highly anticipated stock market debut, said it expanded its board of directors to nine by adding three Silicon Valley insiders. ... - Forbes
4/29Text of Open Letter from Google's Founders ... "An Owner's Manual" For Google's Shareholders . ... - Newsday
4/29Google files for $2.7 billion IPO ... In the IPO filing, Google said that it generated revenues of $961.9 million in 2003 and reported a net profit of $106.5 million. Sales rose 177 percent from a year ago although earnings increased by just 6 percent. ... - CNN
4/29Silicon Valley, traders await Google IPO Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Wall Street investors are breathlessly awaiting an initial public offering by Google, but pessimists say a single search engine couldn't possibly reverse the technology industry's flagging fortunes... - Boston Globe
4/28Feel lucky? Google IPO could be boon for Bush ... From a political perspective, a successful Google IPO is likely to signal the return to prosperity for the Silicon Valley after four hard years of recession. ... - CNN
4/28Google IPO seen as prize catch for NYSE, Nasdaq If the feverish speculation surrounding almost every detail of Google's expected initial public offering is any indication, the decision of where the company's stock will trade is likely to be equally opaque. ... - Forbes
4/28Google IPO would come at a price ... The harsh scrutiny of analysts and investors will reshape the Mountain View company's culture, possibly robbing it of some of its trademark scrappiness and quirkiness... - Mercury News
4/28Google could set new IPO standard ... assuming the decision is to go ahead with an IPO, Google has an unprecedented opportunity. More than any prospectively public company in memory, this one can call all the shots with Wall Street and potential shareholders -- and it can set a progressive new standard for Silicon Valley, and maybe even modern capitalism.. ... - Sun Herald / Mercury News
4/28Google hype has veterans of '90s bubble a bit worried Wall Street is going gaga over Google, prompting some to think the frenzy over the expected - but unscheduled - initial public offering is reaching unhealthy levels that could set up many investors for disappointment... - USA Today
4/27Google to open its IPO to Joe Public ... will structure its much-anticipated initial public offering of stock in a way that will give an unusually broad range of investors a chance to compete for some of its IPO shares... - San Francisco Chronicle
4/27Will a Google IPO hurt other Net stocks? Does Google generate more excitement for Internet stocks or does it divert investor money from existing publicly traded companies? That's the debate... - CNN
4/27Google co-founder unchanged by IPO One co-founder of Google may be on the verge of pulling in billions of dollars with the most anticipated initial public offering in years, but he continues to live modestly... - CNN
4/27Google IPO could re-energize valley ... Observers say Google's shift to a publicly traded company will ripple through the valley, injecting millions of dollars into the local economy through newly minted millionaires, reigniting the region's entrepreneurial spirit, shaking loose investor money and giving the region a much-needed psychological lift. ... - Mercury News
4/27A Google IPO could be a headache ... An IPO can bring riches for employees and currency for acquisitions. It also can cause big headaches for management, prompt worker defections and put the company at the mercy of investors focused heavily on quarterly profit targets. ... - Los Angeles Times
4/27Google IPO to help venture capital, no boom seen ... An initial public offering by Web search giant Google Inc. will give the mending venture capital market a psychological boost but it is unlikely to usher in a new gold rush... - Forbes
4/26Google float moves a step closer ... Google Inc. has moved one step closer to its eagerly awaited initial public offering, choosing Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse First Boston to be lead underwriters, the Wall Street Journal says. ... - CNN
4/26Changes in store as Google's IPO nears ... Any IPO creates major distractions and business culture transformations, and Google's competitive edge could be dulled if iconoclastic co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are forced to march to Wall Street's prosaic beat. ... - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
4/26Google debut seen testing post-scandal IPO market ... the most anticipated initial public offering in years has rekindled memories of the 1990s tech boom and questions about whether investors have learned any lessons from those days. ... - Forbes
4/26Possible Google IPO heralds return of the Valley ... At the BMW dealership down the street from Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, sales manager Jamie Laurenzano is guardedly hopeful about the trickle-down effect if the No. 1 search company goes public as is widely expected. ... - Forbes
4/25A Quirky Brilliance vs. the Dreams of VC's ... its hesitancy up to this point has been a symptom of a long-running battle for control between its two brainy, headstrong founders and the powerful, strong-willed financiers who gave them the money to turn their graduate school project into one of the world's leading brands, according to several people in and outside Google. ... - New York Times
4/25To Silicon Valley, a Sign of Things Improving ... From everyman investors to technology executives, the inhabitants of Silicon Valley are expressing strong, but sharply mixed, reactions to reports that the long-anticipated Google public offering may be imminent. ... - New York Times
4/25Google's IPO will pay off for lucky few ... Tiger Woods has his small stake. So do Shaquille O'Neal, Henry Kissinger and Arnold Schwarzenegger. All can be counted among that small club of people lucky enough to own a sliver of Google, one of the hottest companies in Silicon Valley and what could be the hottest deal on Wall Street this year. ... - L.A. Daily News
4/24Google Flirts; Investors Wonder About Date ... At an employee meeting last month, the company's executives stated that Google had embarked on the path toward a public offering. They did not give any information, however, about the possible timing of the effort. ... - New York Times
4/24Possible Goggle IPO - Is it Evil? ... primary reasons for opposing the hype around the IPO (more than the IPO in particular) is that it will help in creating a bubble-type mentality, it will get a disproportionate amount of smaller investors involved, it will focus an illogical amount of attention on tech and it will, overall, raise the level of expectation across the board. ... - Search Engine Journal
4/23Google Set to Announce IPO Plans ... plans to announce within days that it will push forward with an initial public offering, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal ... - CNN / Dow Jones
4/23Google fails to answer the $25 billion question The internet engine has chosen an opportune moment to gain a stock market listing. But why is flotation necessary? ... - Times Online
4/20Google should search for a better IPO method than a Dutch auction ... Getting the IPO right would only build on its reputation, which is why the Dutch auction, as democratic as it is, may not be the right idea. The shares shouldn't be given away, but selling equity through an ordinary IPO would help create a more stable shareholder base and increase the likelihood that the shares will rise in value ... - The Globe and Mail
4/18Rule may compel Google to open books ... Privately held Google appears to have triggered a provision of the 1934 Securities and Exchange Act that requires it to disclose closely guarded financial details by the end of the month ... - Bradenton Herald
4/16Google's initial stock offering likely to stir high demand ... Even though it remains silent on its stock plans, its initial public offering, which could hit the market this spring, is the most highly anticipated in several years ... - The Sacramento Bee
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