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Seldom has a financial event been so eagerly awaited by the investing world. When this net heavyweight goes public it will be the culmination of years of anticipation by stock market participants. We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest developments on the main page, including the possible dutch auction of their stock shares, as the IPO details unfold.

  IPO Developments - May, 2004

5/26Legg Mason's Miller eyes bidding in Google auction Legg Mason mutual fund guru Bill Miller, known for huge holdings of technology companies like Amazon.com Inc., said on Wednesday he has his sights on the much-anticipated IPO ... - Forbes
5/25Google IPO Could Boost Brokers Google Inc.'s upcoming initial public offering of stock could produce a windfall of more than just fees for Wall Street. It could also bring the investment houses tens of thousands of new brokerage accounts as enthusiastic users ... rush to get a piece of the action. ... - BizReport
5/24Google IPO underwriters learn their roles ... Google Inc., whose very name is a metaphor for easy access to information, has lifted a shroud of secrecy on its estimated $2.7 billion initial public offering with an amended filing that said 31 Wall Street firms will help sell the deal. ... - SiliconValley.com
5/21Bezos Wins Again ... Bezos, who isn't a director and doesn't own more than 5 percent of Google's stock, is not required to disclose his holdings; nor is Google required to do so. But he could reap a windfall of more than $150 million if Google shares hit the $91 mark many predict for its IPO. ... - San Francisco Chronicle
5/21Google lists 31 underwriters to sell IPO shares ... While most companies planning an IPO eventually list all of the banks that help sell its shares in a final prospectus, Google has made its list available in a preliminary filing, presumably to allow individual investors time to open an account at one of the listed firms. ... - San Francisco Chronicle
5/21Google co-founders each hold nearly 16 percent stakes ... co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin each own nearly 16 percent ... stakes expected be worth at least $3 billion apiece after the company's initial public offering of stock. ... - SiliconValley.com
5/21Will Wall Street turn its back on Google IPO? ... It will be very interesting to see how Wall Street responds to the IPO; it's possible it will feel slighted and turn its back on the company. In the end whether Google likes it or not Google still needs the Street. - IT Manager's Journal
5/20Google Isn't Keeping Quiet After IPO Filing This may be the "quiet period" before Google Inc.'s initial public offering of stock, but the company is bucking tradition by making plenty of noise. ... - E-Commerce Times
5/20Read up before jumping on Google IPO Competing with the big boys means you must do the same hard work and research they do. In this case - or that of any IPO, for that matter - that means poring over the IPO registration document. This document, usually referred to by its boring regulatory name, the S-1, is sometimes called by its slang name, a Red Herring. ... - USA Today
5/17Guilty plea in Google IPO fraud case Man sold nearly $3M in bogus pre IPO shares in the company, faces 51 months in jail ... - CNN / Money
5/17Google IPO's two classes of stock raise questions Google is also raising the ire of corporate governance advocates by issuing two classes of stock that give founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as well as CEO Eric Schmidt, super-voting shares worth 10 times the voting weight of an ordinary share ... shareholder rights advocates say the two-tiered system is not necessarily a good thing ... - USA Today
5/13Google IPO Going Dutch ... we will not see the collapse of the traditional investment banking process, format, or technology. ... While the Dutch auction IPO may be perfect for Google, if it were my more traditional company, I would be searching for a second opinion. - Wall Street & Technology Week
5/12Auctions Will Be Routine For IPOs, Google Director Says Internet auction IPOs will become commonly used to take private companies public, a Google Inc. board member said. ... - Quicken / Dow Jones
5/10IPO Dutch Auctions vs. Traditional Allocation Google's $2.7 billion initial public offering, to be priced through an electronic auction, will test the large-scale viability of a so-called Dutch auction, designed to both democratize IPO share allocation and afford companies and early investors the best price for their shares. ... - Forbes
5/9Banks Held a 'Bake Off' to Score Google IPO For Wall Street investment banks, the Google IPO is the must-have underwriting mandate of 2004, offering a marquee name and a $2.7 billion deal that will generate some $160 million in fees for the lucky underwriting team. No wonder bankers went to great lengths to win Google's attention - and the deal. ... - New York Post
5/7Not everyone's caught up in Google hoopla ... initial public stock offering is the most-anticipated investment opportunity in years. But not all investors are clamoring to get in on the action. ... - SiliconValley.com
5/7Time Warner exercises Google warrants Time Warner Inc. on Friday said its online unit America Online has exercised warrants on Google Inc. in May for about $22 million, according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing... - Forbes
5/6Guessing on Google IPO, how high will valuation go? ... as anticipation over the stock sale mounts, observers are batting around a wide range of estimates regarding just how highly investors will ultimately value the search leader ... - Forbes
5/6Google stock auction: Setting up an IPO revolution or disaster? While an egalitarian auction may sound like a refreshing change after years of shady brokerage dealings, the approach could backfire if Google can't meet the intense demand or the bidding pushes the IPO price so high that the shares are perched to topple once they begin trading. ... - SiliconValley.com
5/5Google's public-auction IPO: smart move? One of the most unusual elements of the proposed Google IPO is the use of the public auction system via the Internet. Some view it as a laudable move to enable its vast number of individual or retail investors, though in fact they are confined to its subscriber base. ... - The Register
5/4Google risk: ads lone revenue source Google Inc. made its name from searches but made its fortune from web advertising, a near-total reliance on a single revenue source that presents risks for prospective IPO investors ... - CNN
5/4Despite anti-establishment message, Google rewards top IPO offender With all the anti-establishment, power-to-the-people refrains sounded in its IPO manifesto, it's curious that Google Inc. chose to reward the most notorious investment bank of the IPO boom to spearhead the initial public offering. ... - SilconValley.com
5/4Google's Big-Bucks Expansion Plans SEC filings reveal a vast capital-spending program in 2004 -- an indication of just how huge the search giant's ambitions are ... - Business Week
5/3Big Funds Could Pressure Google for Better IPO Prices Google, Inc. may be sticking up for individual investors with its plan to auction shares to the public, but powerful institutional investors still could wind up having a big say in how the IPO works.. ... - Quicken / Wall Street Journal
5/3Will Google be the poorer for its new wealth? ... The issue is whether money will spoil Google. How the Googloids handle their immense assured wealth will prove a far tougher test than anything the competition will throw their way. - The Seattle Times
5/2Angry Google cuts Goldman Sachs from IPO Report: Investment bank head breaks rules, costing firm a piece of huge IPO deal. ... - CNN
5/1Google IPO plan befuddles analysts In the filing, co-founder Larry Page promises to make the world "a better place," and says the company won't "be evil." It's a bold statement ... But some analysts are troubled. They say the philosophy espoused by Google's principals smacks of naivete, inflates already stratospheric expectations and could lead to investor disappointment. ... - L.A. Daily News
5/1Google founders pay homage As an investor, Warren Buffett famously avoids putting his faith in technology companies. Yet when the biggest new name in tech announced it was filing an inital public offering this week, its founders openly praised Buffett and his managerial worldview. ... - CNN
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