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Seldom has a financial event been so eagerly awaited by the investing world. When this net heavyweight goes public it will be the culmination of years of anticipation by stock market participants. We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest developments on the main page, including the possible dutch auction of their stock shares, as the IPO details unfold.

  IPO Developments - June, 2004

6/29Huge discounts given on Google options ogle appears to be doling out stock options to employees and directors at a huge discount to the company's own calculations about the value of its stock, according to securities filings ... - SiliconValley.com
6/28Low fees, hard work leave Wall Street grumbling about Google's IPO Google's initial public stock offering has become a lot of work for relatively little return for Wall Street's brokerage houses, leaving many of them grumbling about an IPO which they still feel they must participate in because of the prestige at stake. ... - SiliconValley.com
6/22Google changes its filing for IPO ... Google added another amendment to its initial public offering filing Monday, with updates on a major deal it is negotiating and on the Dutch auction process it plans to use. ... - SiliconValley.com
6/21Low fees prompt Merrill to pull out of Google IPO ... Merrill Lynch & Co., the nation's largest retail brokerage, dropped out of the list of underwriters taking part in the upcoming $2.7 billion initial public offering of Google Inc., mostly out of concern that the fees it would generate wouldn't be worth it. ... - SiliconValley.com
6/20Inner workings of a Dutch auction IPO ... Overstock.com's initial public offering gives a hint of what to expect in the coming weeks: The trickiness of bidding, including ridiculously high bids by those trying to ensure themselves some shares. The rush of activity on pricing day. And the sobering lesson that even in an auction IPO, pure math alone probably won't create Google's IPO price. ... - SiliconValley.com
6/16Google IPO unlikely to be smooth Google's attempt to break the IPO monopoly by setting its price in an auction can only be regarded as a good thing ... But unless the company releases a lot more information, the likely result will be lots of annoyed shareholders. ... - CNN / Money
6/11Putting a Value on Google Amid an enormous level of interest in the Google IPO... Standard & Poor's Equity Research Services decided to take an unbiased look at the company and its competitive position ... - Business Week
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