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Seldom has a financial event been so eagerly awaited by the investing world. When this net heavyweight goes public it will be the culmination of years of anticipation by stock market participants. We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest developments on the main page, including the possible dutch auction of their stock shares, as the IPO details unfold.

  IPO Developments - August, 2004

8/18/04Google Closes Unusual Auction to Set IPO Google Inc. closed its unusual auction to set its initial stock price Wednesday after dramatically lowering its estimates for the offering, but the Internet search giant did not immediately disclose how much it will cost winning investors to purchase shares of the company. -- ABC News
8/18SEC OKs Google IPO The Securities and Exchange Commission gave the final go-ahead to the initial public offering of Google Wednesday, paving the way for the search engine to make its long awaited market debut Thursday. -- CNN / Money
8/18Google slashes IPO price Google on Wednesday reduced the price range for its long-awaited initial public offering to between $85 and $95 per share, and lowered the number of shares being sold by company executives. ... -- CNET News.com
8/17Goggle IPO paperwork delayed Google Inc.'s long-awaited initial stock sale, which appeared imminent Tuesday, has been delayed while the company awaits final approval of its paperwork by the Securities and Exchange Commission ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/17SEC opens inquiry into Google stock issue In another twist to Google Inc.'s public stock offering, the Internet search company said federal regulators have opened an informal inquiry into its failure to register millions of shares. ... -- Boston.com
8/16Google asks SEC to declare document effective Tues. ... it has asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to declare its registration statement effective on Tuesday at 4 p.m. EDT. Once that happens, the company can sell its shares to the public. ... -- Boston.com
8/14 SEC Won't KO the Google IPO ... The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to let the company proceed with the share sale, but it forced the company to acknowledge yesterday that it might have broken securities rules ... -- New York Post
8/13Google auction starts Friday ... When bidding starts Friday, investors who've gotten a bidder ID will place bids through one of the 28 brokerage firms handling Google's deal. The bids will be held by the firms until the auction closes next week. ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/13Google founders' Playboy interview may raise regulatory concerns ... The interview, contained in a Playboy issue ..., threatens to delay Google's initial public offering because securities regulations restrict what executives can say while preparing to sell stock for the first time ... -- San Francisco Chronicle
8/11Some Not Eligible to Get in on Google It's been billed as an IPO for the average investor, circumventing the Wall Street insiders to give the little guy a shot at getting pre-market shares of the hottest IPO of the 21st century. It hasn't worked out that way ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/10Google to End IPO Registration Thursday (August 12th) Google Inc. will close the registration process for its IPO auction Thursday, setting the stage for the online search leader's hotly anticipated stock market debut. ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/10Putting a Value on Google, Part 2 ... with the Dutch auction bidding for Google's shares about to begin ... the question remains: What's a reasonable estimate of Google's valuation? ... -- Business Week
8/9Google ups shares in offer ... Google Inc. on Monday raised the amount of shares planned for its initial public offering to 25.7 million shares from 24.6 million shares. ... Yahoo Inc., which owns a stake in Google, increased the number of Google IPO shares it plans to sell to 1.6 million shares from the previous amount of 549,888. ... -- CNN / Money
8/7Google's error deemed an oversight by most ... the apparent oversight by Google -- and its promise to buy back the unregistered shares -- is more of a technical problem and should not affect the company's IPO. ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/6Invitation-only briefing excludes small investors An audience of about 100 fat cats were treated to an invitation-only "road show'' briefing by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who described in person the Mountain View company's impending initial public stock offering. ... Small investors ... were excluded. ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/6Why Wall Street wants Google to fail The most anticipated initial public offering in years threatens to derail a cherished gravy train, where underpriced shares are handed out to favored investors and grateful CEOs. ... -- MSN Money
8/5Google to Delay IPO a Week Over Problems Google Inc. is delaying its IPO by a week because of logistical problems related to institutional investors registering to bid on the shares ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/4Google May Have Illegally Sold Shares ... the company says it neglected to register 23.2 million shares of common stock and 5.6 million outstanding stock options with securities regulators. The oversights might have broken federal and state laws, according to Wednesday's filinganticipated initial public offering in years threatens to derail a cherished gravy train, where underpriced shares are handed out to favored investors and grateful CEOs. ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/4In dark about Google IPO The clock is ticking on Google's highly anticipated IPO, but investors still aren't aware of some key parts of the process -- including the fact that if they don't get a bidder ID number soon, they probably won't be able to bid. ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/3Getting in on Google: You need a broker who's also an underwriter ... If you don't already have an account with one of the underwriters, opening up a new account just to buy a few shares of one stock seems like a lot of trouble for a small investors - especially if it's not even clear yet what the stock is worth. ... -- SiliconValley.com
8/1Not every investor will be eligible for Google IPO ... Many brokerages let only customers with substantial assets at the firm invest in IPOs. Those firms may require customers to have large accounts to bid on the Google IPO as well, although some may reduce or eliminate their usual requirement. ... -- San Francisco Chronicle
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