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Current IPO Developments

Seldom has a financial event been so eagerly awaited by the investing world. When this net heavyweight goes public it will be the culmination of years of anticipation by stock market participants. We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest developments on the main page, including the possible dutch auction of their stock shares, as the IPO details unfold.

  IPO Developments - October, 2003

10/30Dutch auction IPO scheme grabs insider interest Bill Hambrechtís share distribution method could snare heavyweights like Google.... -- Red Herring
10/28Google's Online Float Threatens to Derail Gravy Train The news that Google Inc is considering floating with minimal use of investment bankers... sent a 7.2 Richter scale tremor up Wall Street.... -- Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
10/28IPO Offers both Risk and Reward ... The event... threatens to become a financial and media black hole, sucking all common sense out of the markets... -- National Post, Canada
10/28Banks jostle for IPO Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley and eight other investment banks are in the running to underwrite... -- Seattle Post-Intelligencer
10/27The Challenges of the Proposed IPO ... an investigation to determine how pivotal Google was in "the search engine sector"... could postpone or delay the IPO... -- The Register
10/27Google Rhymes with Bubble A small technology company with a goofy name goes public, and before long it (has) a valuation larger than one of the Big Three auto makers... -- The Globe and Mail
10/26Frenzy over Google Float Wall Street's biggest investment banks have begun jostling for the mandate to take Google public... -- The Age, Australia
10/26Google Seeks Banks to Lead IPO Google... is actively seeking bankers to help it sell shares of the company to the public, according to people familiar with the situation... -- Macon Area Online
10/25IPO Plan Could Leave Bankers Moaning Online auction would benefit small investors... -- National Post, Canada
10/25Google Plans IPO in Bid to Keep Market Standing Google... is planning an initial public stock offering... as it seeks to retain its dominant market position.... -- BizReport
10/25IPO Estimates Company Value at More than $15 Billion Google Inc... is planning an initial public offering that may value the company at more than $15 billion... -- Seattle Post-Intelligencer
10/25Googlemania Could Crash to Earth It may be a great internet search engine but don't empty your bank account to join the Silicon Valley goldrush... -- The Guardian, UK
10/24IPO Search Seen Awakening Dot-com IPO Talk Google's search for an investment bank... could help wake up the dormant market for new issues of technology shares... -- Forbes/Reuters
10/24IPO a Sign of Things to Come Has the tech industry finally made the "big turn"?... -- Silicon.com
10/24Google Says IPO Could Come Soon ... being publicly traded and disclosing revenue and earnings details might help solidify Google's reputation within the industry... -- E-Commerce Times
10/23Buzz Abounds on IPO ... With Internet stocks and initial public offerings in revival mode... bankers want more than ever to host an IPO party with Google as the guest of honor... -- Always On
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