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Initial Public Offering Details

IPO Date: Thursday, Nov. 7
Price: $26 ($18.3B valuation)
Opening Price: $45.10 ($31.8B valuation)
Lead Underwriter: Goldman Sachs
Additional Underwriters: JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley,
Bank of America,
Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank,
Allen & Co, Code Advisors
Stock Symbol: TWTR
Exchange: NYSE
No. of Shares Offered: 70 million (13% stake)
Common Shares Outstanding Post-IPO: 544.7 million

Recent IPO stories summarized below

11/12/13 The Twitter IPO by the Numbers Here are some interesting figures from Twitter Inc.'s historic IPO... $1.8 billion: The amount that Twitter Inc. raised for itself on Wednesday night. $13.1 billion: The amount that Twitter's market value grew on its first day of trading Thursday. -- Las Vegas Sun

11/6/13 Going Public: How Twitter's IPO will work Large institutional investors, such as pension funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds, will get first priority, followed by brokerage houses and individual investors, who get a very small percentage of the shares at this point. The banks try to place shares with investors who plan to hold onto the stock. -- Appeal-Democrat

11/4/13 Twitter Boosts IPO Price on Expected Demand Twitter Inc. raised the top end of its IPO price range by 25 percent and will close its books a day early, signaling strong demand. -- Chicago Tribune

11/1/13 Twitter's IPO 'Oversubscribed' Despite Accelerating Losses and Growth Concerns Twitter's highly-anticipated initial public offering is oversubscribed, indicating booming interest for its shares as the firm looks to become a public company. -- TechCrunch

10/31/13 Twitter IPO Expected Nov. 7 The head of global listings for the NYSE said in a television interview on Bloomberg TV that Twitter is expected to price its IPO on the evening of Nov. 6 and begin trading Nov. 7. -- NBC Bay Area

10/25/13 Twitter IPO Price $17-$20 Per Share; Could Raise $1.61B It could raise as much as $1.25 billion with a 70-million share offering at the midpoint price of $18.50 per share. -- Barron's

10/22/13 Twitter gets $1-billion credit line ahead of IPO The company has received a $1-billion credit line from some of the banks underwriting its initial public stock offering. -- Los Angeles Times

10/15/13 Twitter chooses New York Stock Exchange for market debut A regulatory filing Tuesday revealed that Twitter Inc. will list its shares on the NYSE instead of the traditionally tech-friendly Nasdaq Stock Exchange. -- Daily Reporter

10/14/13 Twitter Squeezes Banks on IPO The fees banks are set to collect for selling the shares — at 3.25 percent of the money raised, said people familiar with the deal — would be the lowest percentage paid on a U.S.-listed IPO in more than a year. -- AllThingsD

10/14/13 In IPO filings, Twitter restated revenue policy Twitter changed and expanded the description of how it tallies sales from some of its advertising deals in its IPO filings. -- CNN Money

10/3/13 Twitter Files for IPO, Shows $317M in Revenue Twitter has filed to go public, saying it will sell shares under the name TWTR. The IPO will initially seek to raise up to $1 billion. -- Wired

9/30/13 Twitter's IPO avoids delay: SEC says it can stay open for weeks if government shuts down The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could stay open for "a few weeks" even if the US government shuts down, spokesman John Nestor said in a statement today. This could quiet concerns that Twitter's initial public offering could be delayed because of a government shutdown. -- Quartz

9/26/13 Twitter adds JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley to IPO Twitter has added J.P. Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley to its list of banks heading the offering as it prepares for an IPO that could come as early as Thanksgiving. -- Silicon Valley Business Journal

9/24/13 Report: Twitter Will List on New York Stock Exchange The Street reports hearing from multiple sources close to the situation that Twitter will list on the New York Stock Exchange rather than the Nasdaq in an attempt to avoid some of the technical issues that complicated Facebook's IPO. -- Mashable

9/23/13 Twitter seeks credit line of up to $1B Twitter is reportedly negotiating a credit line of up to $1 billion, ahead of an initial public offering that may come before the Thanksgiving holiday in late November. -- USA Today

9/22/13 Twitter IPO Is on the Fast Track Reuters reported today that a source said the Twitter IPO probably will hit the markets before Thanksgiving, and, if true, that would be much sooner than expected. -- InvestorPlace

9/12/13 Twitter Announces it Filed for IPO via Tweet Twitter tweeted on Thursday, "We've confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale." -- ABC News

9/4/13 Vijaya Gadde Named Twitter General Counsel Ahead of IPO Corporate counsel Alex MacGillivray announced on his personal website Aug. 30 that he is leaving the position as Twitter gets ready to go for an expected initial public offering in 2014. -- India West

8/21/13 How to Get a Piece of Twitter, Pre-IPO A little-known vehicle trading on the NASDAQ exchange in the United States already allows investors direct, albeit diluted, exposure to Twitter's privately held shares. -- The Globe and Mail

8/7/13 Twitter Hires Stock Admin Ahead of Expected IPO Such a job position suggests Twitter is moving forward in plans to manage the allocation of its restricted stock units ahead of a planned IPO. -- USA Today

7/30/13 Twitter Advertises Job in Preparation for Going Public A job advertisement for a financial reporting manager may be a clue that Twitter is readying itself for its much-anticipated IPO. -- New York Daily News

7/23/13 Twitter To File For IPO By Year End Numerous sources familiar with the matter expect the company to file its S-1, the first official step on the road to an IPO, by the end of 2013. -- ValueWalk

2/4/12 No Twitter IPO For A Couple Years Says CEO Twitter CEO Dick Costolo had this to say about a possible IPO: We don’t want to be public until we have very predictable quarterly earnings growth. -- WebProNews

12/21/11 Twitter gets Saudi cash injection Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and his investment company, Kingdom Holding, have announced a $300 million (£194m) investment in micro-blogging site Twitter. -- Macworld

3/4/11 No Twitter IPO this year, says co-founder Biz Stone White-hot microblogging startup Twitter has no plans to take the company public anytime soon and is not looking for outside funding right now. -- Reuters

4/16/10 An IPO Roadmap for Twitter Twitter was theoretically valued at approximately $1 billion. The venture capitalists would likely be able to cash out if the company has an IPO at a valuation of $2 billion or more. -- Seeking Alpha

1/20/10 Twitter Operating Chief Says IPO Is Still ‘Way Out’ Twitter is looking to bolster revenues by rolling out a new advertising initiative. This could lay the foundation for an eventual IPO. -- Bloomberg Businessweek

12/3/09 Is Twitter worth $1 billion? While internet giants like Google have attempted to acquire Twitter, the popular social network seems headed to a much-anticipated IPO. -- Intelligent Speculator

11/23/09 Twitter Will IPO If It Has To Twitter's investors want to liquidate their holdings eventually. But the date that happens will likely not happen soon. -- Silicon Alley Insider

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