Get Ready for the Crypto Milestones: Litecoin Halving, Ethereum Shapella and Orbeon Protocol!

• Litecoin (LTC) is preparing for its halving event and the price is expected to surge.
• Ethereum (ETH) is gearing up for the Shapella upgrade to enable withdrawals on the execution layer.
• Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has a decentralized platform with NFTs that are sold in fractions to the public, and its presale has raised over $5 million so far.

Litecoin Halving Event

The highly anticipated Litecoin (LTC) halving event is set to occur around August 2023 and will halve miners‘ block reward from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC per block. This process typically causes an increase in Litecoin’s price, which is already up 100% in recent months and now just below the $100 support level.

Ethereum Shapella Upgrade

Ethereum (ETH) developers are hard at work preparing for one of their most significant updates yet; Shapella. This upgrade consists of two separate updates – Shanghai and Capella – which will enable withdrawals on the Ethereum (ETH) execution layer as well as enhance its consensus layer via the Beacon Chain. The addition of sharding and scaling solutions are next on Ethereum’s agenda, aiming to increase its throughput capacity.

Orbeon Protocol Presale

The Orbeon Protocol presale offers a glimpse into the future of startup funding with its decentralized platform where equity is converted into NFTs that can be sold in small fractions to the public. The presale has already raised more than $5 million so far, which will be used towards launching this innovative platform once complete.

Benefits Of Each Development

Litecoin (LTC): Uptime since inception, cheap transaction fees & fast block times, projected pump due to upcoming halving event

Ethereum (ETH): Validators able to withdraw earnings for securing network, sharding & scaling solutions increasing throughput capacity

Orbeon Protocol: Decentralized platform converting equity into NFTs sold in fractions, presale proceeds used towards launching platform


Cryptocurrency developments such as Litecoin’s halving event, Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade and Orbeon Protocol’s presale offer numerous benefits across multiple platforms and promise an exciting future for blockchain technology as a whole.