Vienna Vikings Team Up With to Encourage Crypto Adoption

• has revealed an exclusive partnership with the European League of Football champions Vienna Vikings.
• This effort is intended to encourage cryptocurrency adoption among American football fans around the world.
• The Vienna Vikings have won national Austrian Bowl 15 times and Eurobowl title 5 times, and have established themselves as a powerhouse program with great youth development. Partners with Vienna Vikings, a gateway crypto platform blending CeFi and DeFi in one concept, has revealed their exclusive partnership with the ELF (European League of Football) champions Vienna Vikings to encourage cryptocurrency adoption among numerous fans of American football around the world.

Vienna Viking’s Success Story

The Vienna Vikings have dominated American football in Austria for the past two decades boasting a truly rich heritage which includes winning the national Austrian Bowl 15 times in their history, as well as capturing the Eurobowl title 5 times from 2004 to 2007 and in 2013. This year, they are committed to repeating their resounding success in the third season of the ELF by winning four consecutive games against various teams across Europe such as Berlin Thunder, Prague Lions, Leipzig Kings and Fehervar Enthroners; opening further their lead in the standings ahead of matchups against Raiders Tirol and Panthers Wroclaw. Additionally, they have also established themselves as a powerhouse program with great youth development that includes Bernhard Raimann (OL Indianapolis Colts) and Bernhard Seikovits (TE Arizona Cardinals) who are currently shining in NFL.

Benefits for Choise

Choise is assured of a beneficial association because of Viennese club’s palpable affluence within European sports space that pairs up well with its goal to spread awareness about digital assets across various sectors through collaborations with leading brands around the world. With more than 1 million users onboarded from over 170 countries so far, this newly forged alliance promises a global wave of interest to ever-growing crypto ecosystem especially given that American football is now booming across Europe.

Benefits for Vienna Vikings

The collaboration between Choise and Vienna Vikings will give them an opportunity to gain exposure at global level while allowing them access to latest cutting edge technology from Choise’s platform such as tokenized rewards system for players or fan engagement initiatives like virtual meetups or NFT giveaways etc., thus enhancing fan experience overall while boosting revenue for both sides involved due to increased monetization opportunities presented by this alliance.


This mutually beneficial relationship offers something new not only for both parties but also for all those associated with American football worldwide who can benefit from increasing cryptocurrency adoption resulting out of it .